IT Systems and Security

Connected, Reliable and Secure

Industrial IT infrastructures and the information they provide are the backbone of modern operations. IT assets must be managed, secured and provide seamless integration between systems to be successful. Cogent designs and implements IT infrastructures to meet the reliability, performance and security needs of industrial operations today.

> IT System Design

At Cogent, we provide the knowledge and expertise associated with all aspects of an integrated, secure and effective network design. Cogent designs networks to meet the client’s requirements for scalability, load balancing, security and availability. Whether it is for physical or virtualized environments, our team ensures server configurations and designs are matched for optimal system performance.

> Network Security

Cogent offers knowledge and expertise in the area of network and cyber/malware security protection for industrial operations and facilities. Cogent supports its clients in implementing all aspects of an integrated and secure network infrastructure, PC/Servers and control layer to minimize potential hazards without impacting system performance.

> Wireless and Mobile Field Data Capture

Having around-the-clock access to facility data is becoming increasingly important in today’s operations. Cogent’s IT team can design secure wireless and mobile access within a facility, so that both field devices and mobile workers can access information quickly and efficiently. From notifications and real-time data views to workflow management and data entry, Cogent can tailor solutions to fit your goals.

> Disaster Recovery Planning

Many plants do not have a disaster recovery plan when it comes to their control and IT assets, data and infrastructure. Cogent’s services and solutions can deliver a disaster recovery plan along with the necessary backup processes to ensure a low mean time to repair when inevitable disasters hit.





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