Industrial Networks

Cogent provides in-depth knowledge in designing, deploying and supporting industrial IT infrastructure to meet the demands of modern operations. Our focus is on delivering IT systems that are adaptable, predictable, and easy to maintain while also providing a high level of performance and security.

> Network Design and Deployment

Leveraging industry best practices and specialized in-house knowledge, our team delivers connected and wireless networks that offer a resilient and scalable IT backbone. Our expertise includes the setup and configuration of servers, switches, firewalls, controllers and routers for a secure and integrated network solution.

> Network Security

Cogent provides secure networks that minimize vulnerability to attacks and offers compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our services can help identify potential threats and minimize system vulnerabilities through authentication, access control, system hardening and network penetration testing.

> On-Premise Datacenter

A well-designed server room composed of servers, networking and data storage is vital in managing the ever growing data volumes and high speed requirements. Cogent provides robust and cost effective redundant hardware and virtualized infrastructure technologies to maintain high service availability, performance and scalability for your industrial operation.

> Backup and Recovery

Cogent delivers backup and recovery solutions that are tailored to your environment’s risk tolerance, objectives and business requirements. Our proven solutions help minimize downtime and system disruption to keep your operation running around the clock.

> IT System Monitoring

Through the deployment of in-depth event logging and automated notifications tools, we empower our clients to proactively detect, diagnose and resolve issues that may impact infrastructure availability and performance. Cogent’s tailored monitoring and reporting solutions can bring additional insight into activities throughout your environment.