Industrial IT

Industrial IT infrastructure is the backbone of any modern operation. IT systems must be designed in a way that makes them adaptable, predictable, and easy to maintain while also providing a high level of performance and security. Cogent designs and implements innovative and customized IT infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of any industrial operation.

> Industrial Networks and Security

The architecture and design of wired and wireless network infrastructure provides the essential foundation for site-wide connectivity that is flexible, resilient, and scalable. Through the expanded use of advanced sensors and instruments, wireless communications, and IP cameras, more assets can be connected than ever before to gain maximum visibility and control. At Cogent, we provide the knowledge and expertise to lay the proper groundwork for an integrated, secure, and effective network design.

> Field and Network Communications

Many modern facilities have systems where their data is unused or underutilized. Cogent’s staff offer extensive experience with control networks and field buses to properly integrate real-time data and ensure that valuable information can be extracted and shared among systems/users. Cogent has experience with many industrial networks/buses including: DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, BACNet and CanOpen.

> Hardware Virtualization

Leveraging virtualization technologies is the key to increasing service availability and flexibility. By abstracting the operating system and applications from the physical hardware, Cogent is able to provide a more cost effective, agile, efficient, and simplified system deployment. Virtualized systems can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or with a hybrid approach to achieve optimal operational performance and reliability.

> Backups and Disaster Recovery

A well planned backup and recovery solution plays an important role in minimizing downtime and preventing data loss in the event of an unexpected incident. Cogent recognizes that modern industrial systems require fast and efficient ways to protect data and recover systems quickly. Through the use of innovative technologies, Cogent can deliver unique resiliency solutions that are tailored to your environment’s risk tolerance, recovery objectives, and budget.

> IT System Monitoring

Cogent’s suite of monitoring tools allows for enhanced visibility into IT system performance. Through the use of in-depth logging and automated notifications, Cogent can rapidly detect, diagnose, and resolve issues relating to network performance and hardware problems to ensure high system availability.