Electrical Power Systems

Modern electrical power systems need to be safe, reliable and efficient. At Cogent, we provide expertise in plant-wide electrical systems design, monitoring and power management solutions. We incorporate both client standards as well as international, national and local regulations so that systems comply with all regulatory and operational requirements. Our engineering team ensures that designs meets our client’s requirements for performance, reliability and maintainability.

> Power System Design

Cogent manages all aspects required to deliver plant-wide power distribution systems for a high level of reliability, availability and safety. Cogent’s team will engage local power providers to ensure that the plant power system seamlessly integrates with the utility systems. Our designs start from the substation feed through to plant-wide power distribution, including the medium and low voltage motor control centers.

Cogent’s expertise in electrical system design includes HVAC and lighting through to control systems and end device power requirements. Our designs unify electrical schematics and standards across the plant, minimizing spare parts and ensuring reliability and maintainability throughout.

> Power Efficiency Management

Cogent integrates Corporate Energy Management (CEM)-ready systems into its designs and implements power management and quality monitoring solutions. By tracking energy consumption in real time, power consumption can be tracked and benchmarked against the production rate, enabling the operator to implement power reduction strategies to reduce operating costs.

> Power System Health Monitoring

The monitoring and diagnostics of your power system health can improve your overall operational performance. Cogent’s Power System Health Monitoring can trigger alarms for system operators when a problem occurs and identify hidden equipment performance issues. Our power monitoring solutions along with multiple communication protocols empower your personnel to reduce response time and more effectively manage power systems.

> Power System Reliability

Power system reliability is a measure of the capability of electrical systems to withstand sudden disturbances or unanticipated power loss. Whether caused by natural or man-made events, it is critical to maintain operational safety if a power outage occurs. Cogent offers expertise in the improvement of power system protection and reliability. Our designs improve power availability and equipment up-time including lighting protection, surge protection, stand-by systems, emergency power and uninterruptible power supplies.