Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment to the Triple Bottom Line:

Cogent is committed to the advancement of a more sustainable world through corporate responsibility. We take a triple bottom line approach to all aspects of our business. This means that we balance economic growth with a focus on environmental and social responsibility. Cogent Cares about:

Economic Responsibility

Our economic bottom line examines the ability to maintain a sustainable, productive and profitable company while providing true value to our clients, partners and other stakeholders.

Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental bottom line examines how we manage our footprint as a company and how our services address and, more importantly, respond to today’s most pressing environmental concerns and issues.

Social Responsibility

Our social bottom line examines how our company guarantees the well-being of its people as well as the people in the community and world we work and live in.

At Cogent, we understand that all three aspects are interdependent. Accordingly, Cogent continually strives to build a company rooted in integrity, transparency, community and environmental sustainability.

We are proud supporters of: