Why Cogent

“Because of the work we do, people have access to green energy, reliable power distribution, clean water, efficient airports, and more. What we do here matters.”


Cogent believes in developing the talents of its employees and ensuring their long term success in the company. If you are driven by inner passion, looking for challenge and ready to take your career to the next level, Cogent is the place to be. Our junior employees today will be our managers tomorrow.

> Gain new experiences through training and job/project rotation

> Expand your skill set with cross-functional opportunities

> Make a direct impact by participating in Cogent’s Performance Development Program

> Acquire new skills through company supported seminars and conferences

> Develop career goals through career planning meetings

> Broaden your horizons and travel the world


Leadership and accountability is vital to the success of a company and drives continuous improvement and innovative thinking. At Cogent, you will be supported by a team of highly skilled individuals in a company that is driven by passionate people. You will be urged to connect to the bigger picture and empowered to take the lead.

> Feel the pulse of the company with accountability, visibility and strategy meetings presented by management as well as fellow colleagues.

> Work with and learn from an experienced team

> Express your ideas and speak your mind through our open door policy


Whether coming up with an innovative solution to drive our business, being commended by our valued clients or going above and beyond in providing excellent professional service, Cogent’s focus on employee recognition ensures that you are acknowledged for your valued contributions.


We are looking for people who are flexible and who continuously look to improve themselves and their domain knowledge to maximize their productivity. Our competitive salaries and yearly bonuses are based on performance as individuals and on a company level.

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Cogent recognizes that cultural diversity in the workplace is not just a trend to be acknowledged, but as an advantage to be embraced that will lead to the company’s success.

Diversity allows for fresh perspectives which remove limitations to innovation. For this mindset, Cogent was the proud recipient of DCRS Award at the 17th Annual Cultural DIVERSEcity Awards for Business. In being an equal opportunity employer, Cogent brings the strength of diversity to the company and creates jobs for people in the community.



Cogent believes that local community involvement from businesses is instrumental in the growth of the city and its surrounding areas. To respond to the call for increased corporate responsibility, Cogent has created the Cogent Cares Program.

This program aims to increase awareness among employees about the triple bottom line concept (economic, environmental and social responsibility) and help foster action in the workplace and community. The Cogent Cares Program proudly supports the Richmond Food Bank, Red Cross, World Vision and Engineers Without Borders, among others.